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Mission & Vision

Today, our quality of life has been increasing by abundance resources and continuous development of industries.
With reference to that growth, environmental issues such as air and water pollution, soil contamination, global warming, and others become influenced to our life also. We are facing issues of how to preserve, how to repair, and how to improve for precious the Earth.

We, Tsukishima Kankyo Engineering Ltd. (TSKE) a group of TSK (Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd), have been continuously paid attention to preserve of environment condition without obstruction of development of industries over half a century in accordance with our company policy as follows:

“We are contributing to protect the invaluable global environment through our ecology-related technologies.”

We are leading the business field of Waste Liquid and/or Water Combustion Treatment by submerged process, Hydro-Chlorine Recovery System, and Fluorine Decomposing System worldwide. Lately, we are merged Water Treatment Technologies without combustion, and Waste Solid Combustion Technologies to our business area to satisfy the needs of customer which request to reduce down a load of environment.

We strive to structure the society of continuous development of sustainable industries and waste management by our ecology-related technology.

President, Hitoshi OTA President, Hitoshi OTA

President, Hitoshi OTA



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