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April, 1958
Tsuruta System Design Office was founded with capital Japanese Yen 2.5 million.
Activities are the designs, production, and construction of the device based on the unit operation of the distillation, absorption, adsorption, drying and extraction etc. in the chemical industry.

July, 1960

Trade name was changed to Yahata Chemical Engineering Ltd. by participation of capital investment from Yahata Iron&Steel Co., Ltd. and Yahata Chemical Industry Ltd.
As a result, Capital increased to Japanese Yen 20 million

May, 1962

As a result, Capital increased to Japanese Yen 80 million.

Oct, 1962

Opened kyushu office.

March, 1966

Exported engineering technology of solvent recovery to Thermal Research and Engineering Corporation in USA.

June, 1967

Made technical e-up with Dr. Teller and added tower packings to business items.

Dec, 1967
Pilot Plant for research and development was founded.
June, 1970
Trade name was changed to Nittetsu Chemical Engineering Ltd. by inauguration of Nippon Steel Corporation.
Jan, 1972
Made technical tie-up with Chemical Construction Co. in USA.
Exported engineering technology of organic chloride liquid waste incineration hazard removal system and HCL hazard removal system to Chemical Construction and introduced technology of HCL recovery system from Chemical Construction.
Introduced sulfuric acid concentration recovery system from Chemical construction.
May, 1972
Made technical tie-up with Akzo Engineering co. in Netherlands and exported organic liquid waste hazard removal system.
Feb, 1973
Made Technical tie-up with Henry Balfour Co. in England and exported technology of organic liquid waste hazard removal system and acid liquid waste hazard removal system.
Oct, 1973
Introduction of denitrification technology without catalyst from Mitsubishi kasei Corporation.
June, 1976
Increased capital to 113.12 million Yen.
May, 1977
Founded NCE Corporation in USA under 100% NCE 100% capital investment of $50,000. (Closed NCE Corp. in Dec.)
Aug, 1977
Made technical tie-up with Silicon Co. in England Exported technology of organic chloride incineration and HCL recovery.
Dec, 1978
Introduced technology of LNG vaporization from campany of England.
Nov, 1982
Headquarters moved to 2-12-26 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo.
April, 1991
NCE Kyushu Ltd. was founded with 100% of NCE capital investment.
Nov, 1991
Separated solvent recovery system under low temperature was given technical prize from Japan Desorption Association.
April, 1992
Capital was increased to Japanese Yen 455million.
Feb, 1993
New R&D center was built.
Sep, 1997
Headquarters moved to 4-4-26 Funato, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.
Nov, 2004
NCE kyushu Co. was mergered to NCE.
April, 2005
Tradename was changed to Tsukishima Nittetsu Chemical Engineering Ltd. by transfer of stock from Nippon Steel Corporation to TSUKISHIMA KIKAI Co,. Ltd.
April, 2006
Tradename was changed to Tsukishima Kankyo Engineering Ltd.
Nov, 2006
Headquaters moved to 2-12-15 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
July, 2012
Headquarters moved to 3-12-1、Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
April, 2021
Headquarters moved to 3-5-1、Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
April, 2023


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