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Raschig Super-Pak

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Raschig Super-Pak

  • Raschig Super-Pak
  • Absorption and adsorption technology
  • Concentration, acid, distillation technology

Raschig Super-Pak(RSP) was developed based on the film theory applied to RSR which does not have a channel structure of conventional structured packings. Due to a unique proprietary structure with surface area (250m2/m3 and 350m2/m3), RSP should be most effective structured packing in the market. Compared to high performance structured packing with the same surface area, RSP achieves higher vapour and liquid operating range, lower pressure drop and superior separation efficiency.


・Higher theoretical stage/packed height
・Lower pressure drop/theoretical stage (1-20mmH2O/m)
Higher liquid operating capacity (1-50m3/m2.hr)
・Higher Vapour operating capacity (FV=0.5-3.5√Pa)

Petrochemical / Steel,Metal,Paper,Inorganic Chemical / Medical,Food,Biochemical / Industrial Waste Treatment

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