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Raschig Super-Ring

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Raschig Super-Ring

  • Raschig Super-Ring
  • Absorption and adsorption technology
  • Concentration, acid, distillation technology

The Raschig ring, the origin of various packing elements, developed over 100 years ago by Raschig GmbH, is a surface-structured packing, which evolved into fourth generation metal column packing, “Raschig Super-Ring (RSR).”Our company formed a business alliance with Raschig GmbH in 1997, and has been providing their products mainly in the Japanese market since then.


・Smooth gas flow and reduced pressure loss with alternating wave structure
・Liquid film flow with entangled packing, similar to our latest model SPIRAX, resulting in large material transfer (Same effect is confirmed with our product, TELLERETTE.)
・Flooding at joints prevented with “Semi Structured Packing”
・Support rings do not have to be completely removed when remodeling shelf block towers
・However, when remodeling to standard packings, support rings need to be completely removed up to the outer-circumference edge.
・Reduced number of redistributors with homogeneous liquid distribution
・Cost savings with high-speed machines
・RSR is available in SUS as well as materials that are thick or thin such as titan, nickel, and tantalum
・HETP, pressure loss and intensity are far beyond the most efficient random packings
・Verified high performance of RSR by tests in the world-class distillation research institute, FRI (Fractionation Research, Inc.)

Petrochemical / Steel,Metal,Paper,Inorganic Chemical / Medical,Food,Biochemical / Industrial Waste Treatment

Major Applications

・Absorption, diffusion and distillation towers

Specification of Raschig Super-Ring (RSR)

Specification of Raschig Super-Ring (RSR)

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