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  • Absorption and adsorption technology
  • Concentration, acid, distillation technology

We have been developing and producing plastic ring packing, “SPIRAX” for more than 40 years as a pioneer of plastic fillers inJapan. SPIRAX has been used in absorption towers in a variety of industrial applications, and we have built our expertise in watertreatments with many achievements in water supply and sewerage systems represented by deaeration and deodorization towers. Based on the expertise we have acquired through developments and productions, we are expanding our engineering services to our customers for designing more effective towers. We provide a vast array of models, sizes and materials to meet individual service conditions of our customers.


・Large usable area with no dead surface area (surface not exposed to liquids)
・Low pressure loss with line structure that allows high void rate and decreasing tower diameter
・High liquid dispersion efficiency with curved line structure and many contact points in packing layers
・Lightweight, strong chemical and mechanical properties with synthetic resin
・Ease of filling and extraction using lightweight material
・Ease of removing adhesions

Petrochemical / Steel,Metal,Paper,Inorganic Chemical / Medical,Food,Biochemical / Industrial Waste Treatment

Major Applications

・Plastic tower packing for deaeration and deodorization towers of water supply and wastewater treatment plants

・Plastic ring packing for absorption, diffusion and distillation towers

Property Table of SPIRAX

Property Table of SPIRAX

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