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Submerged Combustion System

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Submerged Combustion System

  • Submerged Combustion System
  • Combustion and melting technology
  • Concentration, acid, distillation technology

Submerged Combustion System is to treat by incineration various liquid waste discharged from various production processes of petrochemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, pulp and other industries without secondary pollution.


・TSKE is enjoying top share in the field.
・Can be reduce the risk of public nuisance.
・The complete decomposition of the organic substances in the liquid waste is achieved regardless of kind or character of the liquid waste.

Petrochemical / Steel,Metal,Paper,Inorganic Chemical / Medical,Food,Biochemical / Industrial Waste Treatment

The linings of the incinerators need to be covered with refractoies such as bricks or castables. TSKE provides both brick lined incinerators and water jacket and castable lined incinerators. Brick lined incinerators are suitable for use with a wide variety of waste liquids through the use of bricks possessing excellent heat insulating properties. Water jacket structures employing water or a heat medium, and inorganic solids contained in waste liquids become fused, forming a protective layer over the castables which helps to prolong the lifetimes of heat insulating materials.

System Flow

System Flow

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