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Appointed Board Member

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Appointed Board Member

06.20, 2013

                              Appointed Board Member


On June 20, 2013 we had shareholders and board meeting. In this meeting, we appointed board members.

After acknowledging, I ask to have more guidance support continuously.

Very truly yours

                                                                                       June 20, 2013

                                                                                       President Kikuo MAKISHIMA




Chairman                                                      Kazuhiko YAMADA
President                                                       Kikuo MAKISHIMA
Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer    Hitoshi OTA        (Proposal Div. Manager)
Director & Managing Executive Officer              Shigetoyo KIYAMA  (Management Div. Manager)
Director & Executive Officer                             Akira WATANABE     (Proposal Div. Sub Manager)
Director & Executive Officer                             Takeshi SUGIURA    (Project Management Div. Manager)

Director                                                          Kunihiko SAWA         (Outside Director)
Director                                                          Toshio YONEZAWA   (Outside Director)
Director                                                          Takashi Yoshikawa
Auditor                                                           Toru TAKANO      

Executive Officer                                              Hayao SHIMAMURA   (Project Coodination Dept.)
Executive Officer                                              Norisada SHIMIZU     (Process Design Dept.-1)
Executive Officer                                              Kazumi KABASHIMA  (Process Design Detp.-2)
Executive Officer                                              Tadao NIHIRA             (Project Dept.-1)


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